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Meet The Flockers

Meet The Flockers


In support of Our Kids Count & Hill City Kinsmen

Do you have a neighbour, friend, family member or business that you want to pull a prank on? Now is your chance, with Meet the Flockers, in support of Our Kids Count.  For a minimum donation of $40, you can have that special someone flocked with 40 flamingos and a “You’ve been flocked by ___________” message.  We will also send you a picture that you can email out to that special someone or post on your Facebook page for bragging rights. This great event runs from June 1st  to June 21st. Don’t miss out on your chance to flock someone!

Don’t want to be flocked, especially after flocking someone? Buy your anti-flocking insurance for a low rate of $15 and you can no longer be flocked during this great campaign.

To flock that special someone or to buy your insurance, please contact Jeff Jones at (807) 476-8651, email: jjones@jonesins.com or fax (807) 345-4955



Flocking Request Form


Your Name: _______________________

Your Email Address: _______________________


Payment method (cash, cheque, VISA, Mastercard):________

Name on the card___________________________________

#  _______________________________________________

exp. _____________

(cheques made payable to Hill City Kinsmen)


Donation amount:     $40       $50       $60       Other $________

Purchase Anti-Flock Insurance $15            Yes          No


Total $_________________


Name of person to be flocked:___________________________

Address of person being flocked:_________________________

Name or Message: “You’ve been flocked by______________________"


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