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President's Message

In September of 2007 I attended my first Hill City meeting as a guest, I didn’t know much about it but my father was a member so I thought I would check it out. After a few introductions, and a few items on their agenda I realized this was an organization that I needed to be a part of. 

Since becoming a member I have had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with amazing individuals in our community. These men all share a common goal, giving back to our community. As Kinsmen we raise money for local non-profit organizations and help families in a time of need, while participating in and running local projects for the betterment of our community. Sharing values and goals  with the other members you can become very close as a club and  I am proud to say my best friends are Kinsmen.

I am very excited about this Kin year, because we have a great mix of experience and fresh new ideas on our executive and in our membership. We have many projects on the go this year and every member is a part of a committee. Kinsmen is a unique brotherhood of likeminded individuals that like to have a good time while making a difference in our community. 


If you are thinking of how you can get involved, I encourage you to contact me or any member of our club directly.


Thank you for your interest in the Hill City Kinsmen and for visiting our website. 



Yours in Kin,


 Jeff Jones


President 2013-2014


2010 Hillcity Kinsmen

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