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District News

We need your blood!!

The Kinsmen, Kinette, and Kin Clubs are excited to announce a new partnership with Canadian blood services. As a part of the Partner For Life program, members of our clubs are asked to take time to donate whole blood, plasma, or platelets to this lifesaving organization. For every donation of blood made, you can help the lives of three people. Currently, 1 in every 2 Canadians is eligible to donate blood but only 1 in 60 actually does.

The goal we have set for the district in calendar 2010 is 100 donations. This means that we are asking 1 in 6 members of our district to donate. The typical donation will take approximately 1 hour of your time. With that small amount of time, you save 3 other people.

Donations from our members will be tracked by using our Partner ID number which is:


Please fellow kin, help us give the gift of life.
Yours in Kin,

Tim McKay
D2 Service Director


Kin Sales

We here at Kin Sales have been working very hard behind the scenes, re-vamping the Kin Sales
on-line store. This project is now completed and we will switch over to the new Kin Sales estore
as of Monday May 3rd.
► “live inventory” provides current stock levels for all products we have available in our
► this new site is linked directly to our order processing system, ensuring what you order is what
you receive – no chance for data entry errors at Kin Sales
► order confirmation screen provides full cost (products, freight & taxes)
► current/updated images of all products
► with your user name/password you can login to check order status and also view your order
► watch shortly for an on-line survey to be added to the site, which will include a thank you gift
for each completed survey
► the first time you order from this new site you will have to set-up your account information
(choose your own user name and password and specify your address)
► once you are selecting products (adding them to your on-line “shopping cart”) you will then
proceed to the on-line “check-out” which verifies the following:
- products ordered
- shipping/billing info
- payment information
- cost of order
Thank you for supporting Kin Canada via Kin Sales.


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